A Season of Great Times

Hall of Fame Game, August 9th. The time has come for us to review our wardrobes.  Great food, wine, dancing, JAZZ performances and Shopping awaits the Ladies of the Football Widow’s Club.  You get to enjoy this football season.  Fall Events

Beauty Secrets 1925 -2015

Thanks to movie stars like Clara Bow popularizing beauty;  the first cosmetic counter opened in 1909. We will teach you the tips and tricks handed down by professionals, actresses and movie stars. Discover the Make-up Secrets that make you sizzle! 

Vive la Diffe'rence

Ever wonder how does he thinks? How does he love?  Why does his testosterone rise 20% if his team is winning? Knowledge is Power.  Learn how to get anything YOU want in and out of bed.  He honestly wants to make you happy.  Join Now!

The Football Widow's Club

The Problem:  November 12, 1892 a man by the name of  William Hellelfinger became the first PAID football player.  Payment of 500 dollars changed the game to a professional sport and left millions of women alone Sunday, Monday and Thursday from August to February.

The Solution:  We The Football Widows Club are going to enjoy the season more than the MEN.  We affirm wine, Jazz, gourmet foods, manicures, cosmetics, shopping and opera in lieu of beer, hot-dogs, wings, Uncle Eddie throwing up and profanities being shouted. Football Widows of America unite. Let’s start the best season of our lives!

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The Astrology of Glamour

Charming - Fascinating - Alluring - Attracting

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Untitled-1            virgo_50            libra_50            cancer_50

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1920 Everyone is Thin!

Why did no one gain weight?

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