Aquarius Glamour


The Aquarius woman is adventurous, spontaneous and very open-minded.  You enjoy sex as a normal part of life.  You do not necessarily have to be in love to experience a great sexual encounter. You are open to try new thing and new places.  The man in your life must give you a lot of space.  He can not be threatened by your need for freedom.  Your prince charming need not bring flowers and sing love songs.  You would rather he pull up on a motor cycle and you get it on in the driveway.  You love the bad boy.  Because of this you need to attract him by first appearing to be a “good girl”.  Light-blue flowing clothing and crystals or pearls create the look he’ll love. This fall season you can mix reflecting pond and light cornflower blue.  Add a new strand of pearls with crystal accents and along comes Justin Bieber and Chris Woods.  Have fun Aquarius Girl!




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