Audrey Clair BYOB

There is nothing better than a BYOB with all your friends

Audrey Clair BYOB

Hi Ladies,

I’m really looking forward to this event.  There is nothing better than a BYOB with all your friends.  I told you;  we would bring back the college feel. Only this time we don’t really need to mix it all together and do shots.   Seriously, it will be a lot of fun to see who likes what and why.  I’ll go first to make the confession that I am a snob and I did live in France.  Therefore, I became accustom to drinking a local table wine for about 6 franc ( a US dollar in 1987).  The name is Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  Today this wine sells in the US for 48 dollars – 146 dollars depending on the year and house.  It’s amazing how wines are valued or not valued.  Did you know that the only reason Dom Perignon is so expensive is because it carries the name of the Priest that made the mistake of allowing the bubbles to ferment in the barrel.  Moet Chandon White Star taste 99.9 % the same.

neuf-du-pape        I can’t believe I was able to drink this at lunch!  Everyday!

So who are you?  A mixed drink gal, a frozen thing with an umbrella hanging off the top or have you fell in love with Chivas on the rocks.  Bring your favorite bottle and you best stories to 276 S. 20th Street, Audrey Clair BYOB.  Menu 

The event is Monday August 31st at 5:00

Please Register Before August 27th so that we are all seated together.