Capricorn Glamour


The Capricorn woman never complains, works hard and keeps a sense or humor. Although your exterior can appear practical and quite conservative you are a hidden romantic.  Nothing would make you happier than for the “right man” to uncover your loveliness and tenderness.  Your standards are high; very high. You require monogamy, appreciation and the opportunity to be of value to your man.  The ideal man for you is traditional, honest, successful and emotionally grounded. You must have deep respect for him.  You can best attract the man you want at large social functions, an art exhibit or skiing.  Your conservative nature makes black a very favorable color ( as in Black-Tie dinners).  The fall fashion accessories look very nice against a black cashmere sweater or silk dress.  Try an elegant designer necklace to show your simplicity and good taste.  Have fun at the Galas this season Capricorn Girl!


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