Gemini Glamour


The Gemini women is open, youthful and joyful.  You “dress-up” for fun.  Actually, everything you do is for fun.  You move from one form of excitement to the next.  Your man has to be spontaneous but stable enough to end the party before the police arrive. Sexuality for you  is FUN!  You are not overly embarrassed if your ball gown is found by the pool in the morning. That’s the way you like it!  Eccentric, sociable and without limits; it’s your lucky life force that keeps you from falling off the edge.  Attracting the man you want is easy by wearing bright yellow-gold.  Bright, bold colors intimidate the meek.  GOOD!  The fall season’s colors dried herb and reflecting pond provide a great backdrop to pile on bold yellow-gold accessories. Don’t forget to buy a new pair of gold dancing shoes.  They will look simply marvelous as you carry them thru the hotel lobby.  Have fun Gemini Girl!


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