Libra Glamour


The Libra woman is of good-nature, logical and charismatic.  You require beautiful surroundings.  Your man must be capable or providing an elegant home.  You enjoy ensuring that the home, children and you are neat, clean and pleasing.  Although you often work after marriage; it is more for balance and a sense of partnership with your mate.  Ideally he pays the mortgage and you purchase the food.  The best way to capture your prince charming is to use your charm, wit and debating skills.  This will tweak his need to conquer.  Attracting the Prince should be easy as your appearance is naturally feminine and demure.  This fall’s amethyst orchard is a great color for you. Try a cashmere sweater or maybe a pattern blouse created with amethyst orchard and reflecting pond,  Add  a truly unique ultra-feminine piece of jewelry and classic pumps. Enjoy your birthday Libra Girl !


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