The Naturally Thin Secret

It's easier than you thought.......

Naturally Thin Secret

What is the naturally thin secret?  Is it an all lettuces diet, a pill or an operation? Bad guesses!  It is a lot less complicated than you think.

The year is 1920 and the average woman measures 31-20-32.  Obesity was called over weight and only affects 9% of the general population.  Of the 9% overweight many were men in the upper income classes.  It was a status symbol and a sign of their wealth. The term morbid obesity had not been invented.

How did we develop obesity in 34.9% of our adults, 17.7% in Caucasian children, 20.5% in Hispanic children and a disgraceful 22.4% in our African American children?  Did people just start eating like pigs one day?  I think not!  What did happen was a total change in the types of foods available for consumption and normal daily caloric expenditures.

Processed foods (isle 2 thru isle 24 of the modern grocery store) did not exist.


According to the January 1920 “Woman’s Home Companion” Magazine new foods are available to make family meal preparation easier.  As you can see; this is a very short list of processed foods.

Campbells Ox Tail Soup, Nestles Milk Food, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Uncle Johns Syrup, Snowdrift Vegetable Shortening, None Such Mince Meat, Swans Down Cake Flour, National Biscuit Company, Log Cabin Syrup, Heinz Spaghetti, Van Camps Pork and Beans, Van Camps Peanut Butter, Del Monte Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Pompeian Olive Oil, Faust Instant Coffee, Rumford Baking Powder, Grape-Nuts, Sunkist Lemons, Diamond Crystal Salt, and Dromedary Cocoanut.

Everyone walked or road bikes to school and work. There was no such thing as a “school bus” and the TV had not been invented.  Women who did not work in the factories did just as vigorous a workout at home. Typical home duties included scrubbing floors, carpets to be beat, coal to be shoveled, washing of the family clothing and linens on a washboard and food preparation/clean-up for a family of 6 averaged 44 hours a week.

What can we learn from the past?  It’s very simple obesity IS NOT A DISEASE.  First: we are eating things that were not developed by our natural ecosystem to be used as a source of nourishment for the human body.  If any processed food was really optimum for our survival nature or God would have made it available.  I can’t imagine a pregnant woman developing Twinkies instead of lactation during pregnancy.

Second: move around a little before your muscles completely atrophy.  I’m not saying that everyone needs to spend two hours a day in the gym.  But, use your body.  Shut the TV off for a week, have more sex, go for walk at night with your kids.  RUN that doggy you have who has also put on a few pounds watching TV with his humans. Did you ever consider using your bike to run errands? Do you know if you live in Philadelphia and walk to work you can burn up 500 calories every day from South Philly or North Philly to your office in Center City?  Just think no crowed bus and a bikini body in less than a year. Think about changing just one or two of your modern “conveniences” and see how you look and feel in 30 days.

**** There is nothing to purchase except good healthy food.  Please send me your stories if you decide to change just one modern convenience.  Your success is everyone’s success.