Sagittarius Glamour


The Sagittarius woman loves her independence, learning new things and seeing new places. You take quite awhile to evaluate a perspective suitor. You may even do a little investigative work. You require a man who is truthful and loyal.  After he passes the litmus test; you are ready for love and adventure. Attracting the man you want is made easy with this year’s fall color Biscay bay.  Banks, dentist, physicians, and even investment companies have used this blue to convey loyalty and trust. Men who find themselves subconsciously attracted to this color are seeking trust and loyalty. They also tend to carry within themselves the same attributes. This fall try a new sweater dress in Biscay bay and make sure to add a little sparkle to show your adventurous side. An Abalone filigree necklace will do nicely. Pull it all together with a silver clutch for evening. Have fun Sagittarius Girl!


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