Scorpio Glamour


The Scorpio woman should be written Scorpio wo-man. You project intense sexuality and magnetism.  It is 100% up to you if the relationship will culminate into mind blowing ecstasy.  The unfortunate men you deem “not good enough” never understand why.  You guard your true feelings and thoughts with great vigor.  This may be because your inner emotional life is an unusual treasure.  Inside your private thoughts sits the ” Tree of Knowledge ” both good and evil.  You understand your shadow self very well and therefore it is easy for you to see both good and evil in others. The proper colors for you are those that express this characteristic by adding a little bit of a black hue to a positive color. Brick red and burnt orange hints to the fact that there is more than what meets the eye. This season’s oak buff mixes very well with brick red. Top it off with reflective black accessories. Your conquest will only be able to see his reflection until you allow him to see more. Have fun Scorpio Girl!



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